Monday, January 18, 2010

~My Valentine’s Day~

salam and hye

i really wish my boyfriend was hot like taylor lautner. i really adore taylor's body. i suka ketul2.hehe. and if taylor could be my valentine. im sure i am the girl that will always have smile on my face for the rest of my life. ceehh~ tipu!.hehe.

i want him to wear black. fuhh. so damn hott!. when he is so hot. then im sure that i will not focus on other things. walau robert pattinson datang menganggu. hee.

and i will only wear this shirt. apa?tak cantik?. chill chill chill. this is a way to tell taylor that i am his biggest fan in this world. i will always support him in reality or even in his film. taksub gila ni.hehe.

ehehehe. and i really wish this moment to happen. muahh muahh things. ehehehe.

eheeee. heart u taylor. agagagaga

p/s: this entry is for nuffnang contest. jangan assume i gila talak kat taylor lautner. sikit2 je kot.hehe



adnil linda said...

ad la sket2...

Anonymous said...

baguih nyew angan2!

NARDtheNERD said...


ish~..biar laaaaaaa..hheee


mmg la baguih...angan2 ja bleh la~..hehe